Australia Finds Out Wind Power Doesn’t Really Work By Daily Bell Staff


Australia Finds Out Wind Power Doesn’t Really Work

By Daily Bell Staff


Trust in public power companies misplaced … Former Labor minister Patrick Conlon urges carbon price to fix electricity system … A SENIOR Labor figure is urging a carbon price on electricity to lower household bills by kickstarting investment in new-generation power plants.  – The Advertiser

Australian politicians have been obsessed with taxing carbon ever since the tax was briefly imposed and then repealed in mid-2104 by former prime minister Tony Abbott.

In fact, the Australian Labor Party wants up to half of the nation’s electricity to come from “renewables” by 2030. Former Labor state energy minister Patrick Conlon obviously endorses this position.

Conlon writes in Oz’s The Advertiser newspaper that, “Australian electricity consumers are at the mercy of big, old, dirty and cheap coal-fired power plants and failure to impose a carbon price is thwarting new investment.”

Conlon obviously has faith in government bureaucrats. Apparently, taxation is not even applied for purposes of raising revenue, but only to create better economic outcomes. Politicians in charge of taxation carefully determine where a given tax is needed and then apply them as a kind of medical tool with a surgeon’s skill.


“Reliance on old, under-maintained coal burners flirts with disaster. If a couple of big units break down during a hot, high-demand summer, price hikes will obliterate any benefit of cheap coal,” writes Mr Conlon, energy minister from 2002 to 2011.

… Mr Conlon urges setting a carbon price on electricity to encourage “new-generation” investment, allow high-efficiency plants like Pelican Point to operate and drive down long-term generation costs.

According to the article, Conlon is sure the state’s “reliance on wind power, in particular, is not to blame for high electricity prices.”

He is doubtless responding to a call by Liberal Party Sen. Chris Back to ban new wind farms because having so many turbines already in place was increasing energy costs and the potential for serious blackouts.

South Australia is suffering from a power crisis because it has shuttered so many coal plants in favor of wind. Back wants a cost-­benefit analysis done on the wind industry around the country.

Here’s a quote from The Australian, which recently wrote about him:

“There should be no further subsidies paid for an intermittent and unreliable power source that can be seen as a proven failure. There are solutions to our climate challenges but wind power is not one of them.”

The article entitled, “ Australia Considers Banning Wind Power Because It’s Causing Blackouts,” makes many damning points about wind power.

Household electricity prices in Australia have risen by more than 40 percent between 2007 and 2012, the same period when the government offered lucrative wind subsidies.

Power prices in Australian states with a lot of wind power are almost double the rates in other states.  Australia’s reliance on wind power risks damaging the country’s power grid because the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine is very intermittent and doesn’t coincide with the times of day when power is most needed.

Exactly the same arguments can be made regarding solar power. The entire solar and wind industry is surely based on extravagant government subsidies, not just in Australia but around the world. China has recently declared a moratorium on more wind power in some regions. The energy is neither predictable nor efficiently stored.

The same problems occurred in the 1970s, the last decade when these sorts of solutions were obsessively pursued.

We’ve pointed out many times that the real reason governments are anxious to migrate to such “environmentally sound energy” likely has to do with control.

It is relatively easy to dig up coal, or even in some cases oil, and use it. But solar and wind are not so easy to capture and not so reliable. The idea is to build vast power plants and then work on eradicating more personal forms of power.

Conclusion: As usual, the ongoing effort is to strip people of the ability to survive without the massive resources of the state. And as usual, such programs are a gigantic waste of money and boondoggles as well.

Veröffentlichte NSA-Hackersoftware ist offenbar echt


Veröffentlichte NSA-Hackersoftware ist offenbar echt

von Heise Online News

Die Hackersoftware, die Unbekannte unter dem Namen „Shadow Brokers“ dem US-Geheimdienst NSA entwendet haben, ist offenbar echt. Die am Wochenende unter anderem auf Github veröffentlichten Dateien wirkten echt, sagten frühere NSA-Mitarbeiter der Washington Post. Die Programme stammten aus dem Jahr 2013 und scheinen damals entwendet worden zu sein, schrieb die Zeitung unter Berufung auf Experten.

Lücken möglicherweise noch offen

Auch der US-amerikanische Sicherheitsexperte Bruce Schneier ist dieser Meinung und stimmt damit seinem Kollegen Nicholas Weaver ein, der die Software analysiert hat. Die Software mit Namen wie „Epicbanana“, „Buzzdirection“ und „Egregiousblunder“ ist unter anderem dafür gedacht, trotz Schutzvorkehrungen wie einer Firewall in Netzwerke einzudringen und Daten abzuschöpfen. Solche Werkzeuge nutzen oft bisher unbekannte Schwachstellen aus.

Unklar ist, ob die Lücken, die die NSA-Programme von 2013 ausnutzen, inzwischen geschlossen wurden – oder ob mit einer Ausbreitung der Werkzeuge neue Angriffe krimineller Hacker drohen. Die „Shadow Brokers“ wollen nach eigenen Angaben weitere Programme versteigern.

Russland verantwortlich?

Der NSA-Whistleblower Edward Snowden mutmaßte am Dienstag, Russland sei verantwortlich. Dass Geheimdienste sich belauerten und gegenseitig ihre Server hackten, sei nicht neu, schrieb Snowden auf Twitter. Das Wissen um die Hacker-Werkzeuge der Gegenseite sei nötig, um Angriffe erkennen zu können. Dass jemand aber solche Software öffentlich mache, könne als Warnung gesehen werden, dass alle Angriffe mit diesen Programmen eindeutig dem US-Geheimdienst zugeschrieben werden könnten. Das könne politisch heikel werden, zum Beispiel, wenn damit US-Verbündete ausgespäht worden seien.

Snowden war im Verdacht, selbst in die Veröffentlichung verwickelt zu sein. Schneier und andere weisen dies zurück. Auch Schneier vermutet Staaten als Akteure. Wenn er wetten müsste, würde er weniger auf China als auf Russland setzen. Er bezeichnete den Tag der Veröffentlichung der Software als „sehr schlechten Tag für die NSA“. (mit Material der dpa) / (anw)


Basic Reasons Not To Vote by Werner Ende and Jim Davies


Basic Reasons Not To Vote by Werner Ende and Jim Davies

The most important reason not to vote supersedes all others.

It is known as The Golden Rule

In many religions and philosophies, e.g. in the  Bible (The Sermon of the Mount) and in the writings of Confucius you will find this rule

Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.“ — Confucius[14](c. 500 BC)

  • As a result of the Golden Rule the Non-Aggression Principle follows. That does mean, that you by no means are allowed to force an other man to do something he doesn’t want to do, e.g. being robbed, being forced to follow religious rules or laws he hasn’t consented.

If the majority votes for draft, even the minority has to go to the army. The drafted loose  their fundamental right to own their bodies. The law allows him to be killed when he leaves the army without permission, refuting an order by his superiors or during combat.

Wether he has produced or inherited his possession, the state, being democratically elected can take it away by taxes, thus violating the commandment, „Thou shalt not steal“.

The following article by Jim Davies appeared first in October 2004


War Ihre Gehirnwäsche erfolgreich?

War Ihre Gehirnwäsche erfolgreich?                                                                                                                                                                                                               Zeichen für eine erfolgte und wirksame Gehirnwäsche

  1. Der Befragte behauptet er sei nie Opfer einer Gehirnwäsche gewesen
  2. Er/Sie/Es glaubt durch offizielle, nicht alternative Medien ausreichend informiert zu sein
  3. Diese Person glaubt Einfluß auf die Politik zu haben. Ausnahme:
  4. sie ist gehört zur Machtelite
  5. Dieser Mensch glaubt, daß nicht offizielle/alternative Medien die Quelle von <<fake news>> sind. Die Massenmedien des Westens sind zuverlässige Vermittler von einwandfreien Fakten
  6. Er/Sie/Es glaubt an die Unabhängigkeit von staatlich zugelassenen Radio- Fernsehsendern und Zeitungs- Buchverlagen
  7. Sie, diese Person glaubt, dass vom Staat erlassene Bestimmungen und Gesetze besser sind als private freiwillig angenommene Vereinbarungen
  8. Er/Sie/Es liebt den Ausdruck <<Turbokapitalismus>>
  9. <<Das ist eine Verschwörungstheorie>> meint dieser Mensch

Anmerkung: die Liste ist weder vollständig noch exklusiv.

Treffen sämtliche Punkte zu, ist stark anzunehmen, daß die Politik der Machteliten rundum erfolgreich gewirkt hat.



Sind wir dumm oder verdummt? Werner Ende zu Zweistein: „Der 3. Weltkrieg: Nur die Dümmsten der Dummen“


Sind wir dumm oder verdummt? Werner Ende zu Albert Zweisteins Youtube Beitrag: „Der 3. Weltkrieg: Nur die Dümmsten der Dummen“


In Albert Zweisteins Youtube Beitrag vom 05.12.2015 wurrden Zweifler an einer Politik der USA, die zum III. Weltkrieg führt als die „Dümmsten der Dummen“ bezeichnet.

Meine Antwort auf diese Bewertung:

Ist es die Arroganz der Besserwisser, die manche bewegt, von Dummen und nicht von Verdummten zu sprechen/ schreiben?

Fakt ist, daß die Menschen des Westens seit den Zeiten Bismarcks, der ersten Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefeller und der Gründer der Skulls& Bones („The Order“) von Kindesbeinen an indoktriniert, getäuscht, belogen, kurz gesagt einer Gehirnwäsche unterzogen wurden.

Spätestens seit der Oktoberrevolution ist auch der Osten flächendeckend sozialistisch „eingenordet“  worden.

Gerissene Machtmenschen wie u.a. Stalin, Hitler, F.D. Roosevelt und Winston Churchill hatten schon Jahrzehnte früher erkannt , dass kleine Lügen kurze Beine haben, die ganz große Lüge aber als Realität wahrgenommen wird.

Der Zyniker und Massenmörder Stalin, ebenso wie die drei anderen oben genannten „Großen Staatsführer“ von der Angloamerikanischen Machtelite gefördert, hat es auf den Punkt gebracht:

„Der Tod eines Einzelnen ist eine Tragödie, der Tod von Millionen ist nur noch Statistik!

Nicht nur den „Mehrsteinern“ empfehle ich die folgenden Publikationen zum Thema Verdummung und Machtbeherrschung durch die Angloamerikanischen Eliten: , und von Charlotte Iserbyt und Anthony C. Suttons Publikationen (im Browser mit sutton.pdf suchen)


Japanese Coast Guard video claims to show hundreds of Chinese ships near disputed Senkaku Islands


Japanese Coast Guard video claims to show hundreds of Chinese ships near disputed Senkaku Islands by

China Coast Guard vessel No. 2146 sails in the East China Sea near the disputed isles known as Senkaku isles in Japan and Diaoyu islands in China © Regional Coast Guard Headquarters-Japan Coast Guard
Hundreds of Chinese vessels sailing close to the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea have reportedly been captured on camera by Japan’s Coast Guard. The aerial footage indicates the high level of tension in the area.

The video, apparently shot from inside a low-flying patrol aircraft, has been released online by the Japanese Coast Guard, the Japan Times reported on Tuesday.

It shows what Japan said were multiple Chinese vessels traveling near the Senkaku Islands – known in China as the Diaoyu Islands – as well as Japanese patrol ships trying to prevent the Chinese ships from advancing into the disputed area.

At the end of the video, the 1,500-ton Japanese patrol ship Aguni, armed with 20mm cannon, approaches a Chinese Coast Guard vessel and a fishing boat.

The Aguni then flashes a warning: “Your ship has intruded into the territorial waters of our country …  passage in Japanese waters is not allowed. Get out of this area immediately,” according to Japanese captions to the video cited by the newspaper.

The Japanese Coast Guard later claimed that seven out of 18 Chinese patrol vessels spotted around the Senkakus were equipped with what “looked like machine guns,” according to the Japan Times.

“Actions by the Chinese side like this, which will escalate the situation, are not tolerable,” the Japanese Coast Guard said in a statement.

The apparently recent footage shows 200 to 300 Chinese fishing boats accompanied by 28 Chinese patrol ships spotted in areas just outside Japanese territorial waters around the Senkakus.

The Senkaku Islands are administered by Japan but are claimed by China.

The incident added fuel to tensions between Tokyo and Beijing. Last Tuesday, Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Akitaka Saiki summoned Chinese Ambassador Cheng Yonghua to the ministry and filed a protest, according to the AP.

But the heated dispute between Beijing and Tokyo over the national affiliation of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dates back to 2012, when the Japanese government nationalized the islands‘ ownership.

Beijing has never recognized the move, claiming Chinese authority over the islands. Chinese ships, mostly fishing boats, have frequently sailed in the disputed area since the islands came under Japanese-claimed authority.


Is the Time Preference Theory Compatible with Negative Interest Rates? by Arnaert Brecht and Werner Ende

Is the Time Preference Theory Compatible with Negative Interest Rates? by Arnaert Brecht and Werner Ende


Dr. Werner Ende’s review of Arnaert Brecht’s: „12 issues contradicting Ludwig von Mises Time Preference Theory (MTPT)“

Basic logic says if a theory postulates to be always true than just a single exception proofs the contrary.

Within your 12 items, there is more than one exception showing a situation, that a universal Time Theory fully based on Interest Rates (IR) does not apply to.

To avoid getting caught in this trap you have to qualify Mises’ statement. The TPT based on IE does only exist in a Free Market without Central Banks. Negative interest rates don’t exist there. In Human Action and Nationalökonomie Ludwig von Mises denies psychological arguments. They are not valid in economic theory.

I think in reality economy is driven by two forces: an irrational, psychopathic striving for power of a tiny group of mighty men contrary to freedom loving people.

The first group has proved that destroying the free market makes them very rich and mighty and the enormous rest, billions of men poorer and in the long run dead.

There is only a big fly in the ointment:

in the end, these psychopaths will be poor or dead too. Parasites always need a living organism and finally there will be none!

To shorten my conclusions:

Negative IR doesn’t apply to MTPT.

The arguments you cited reinforce to a greater or lesser degree your theory of a restricted validity of an IE based MTPT.

Werner Ende’s review of Aernaert Brecht’s Negative Interest Rates The Nemesis of Time Preference 

Do the limits of Mathematics prove that the Globalists will fail?

Do the limits of Mathematics prove that the Globalists will fail? by Werner Ende

Kurt Gödel, one of the most important mathematicians of the 20th century proved with his two Incompleteness  Theorems of mathematical logic the inherent limitations of every formal axiomatic system containing basic arithmetic.
In „The Anti-Globalist Cookbook: Elite Strategies & Why They’ll Fail“ Chris Campbell claims the transferability of these theorems to the politics of the Power Elite.

He proved that the globalist aspirations of godhood would never be realized. There are limits to the knowledge of man, and limits to what he can control.This is not something globalists can ever accept, for if they did, every effort they have made for decades if not centuries would be pointless.

I do not think that logics, mathematics or proofs of their limitations can show that the Power Elites will never ever achieve world domination.

From the times of Plato until today the ups and downs of history showed the advancement and fall of empires and superstates. The mighty were never able to gain total global control.

Brandon Smith discusses both, the mathematical-philosophical and the historical aspects in  Globalism vs. “Populism”