Basic Reasons Not To Vote by Werner Ende and Jim Davies


Basic Reasons Not To Vote by Werner Ende and Jim Davies

The most important reason not to vote supersedes all others.

It is known as The Golden Rule

In many religions and philosophies, e.g. in the  Bible (The Sermon of the Mount) and in the writings of Confucius you will find this rule

Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.“ — Confucius[14](c. 500 BC)

  • As a result of the Golden Rule the Non-Aggression Principle follows. That does mean, that you by no means are allowed to force an other man to do something he doesn’t want to do, e.g. being robbed, being forced to follow religious rules or laws he hasn’t consented.

If the majority votes for draft, even the minority has to go to the army. The drafted loose  their fundamental right to own their bodies. The law allows him to be killed when he leaves the army without permission, refuting an order by his superiors or during combat.

Wether he has produced or inherited his possession, the state, being democratically elected can take it away by taxes, thus violating the commandment, „Thou shalt not steal“.

The following article by Jim Davies appeared first in October 2004