Browsing the web, protect your anonymity with advanced TOR-Settings and VPN

Browsing the web, protect your anonymity with advanced TOR-Settings and VPN

During the last years there have been repeated reports of security issues with the „The Onion Router“ TOR.

Tor as a network-tool for anonymous web-surfing is one of the most popular apps to hide from detection by private and governmental spies.

The following article published on HONGKIAT is aimed at two main groups:

  1. The clueless:  There are still millions of naïve web-surfers browsing the Internet without any protection. They may go in commercial websites, giving voluntarily personal data away and feeding without being asked or informed Databases that are able to deliver perfect profiles, including behavior, wishes, desires of them regardless if they can be used for legal marketing or are falling into the hands of criminals.   Other surfers and they count in millions too, are visiting porn sites or are downloading videos and apps from illegal media distributors and are taking part in social blogs where they discuss the most confidential matters.
  2. The over-cautious  and fearful: The revelations of Edgar Snowden about NSA and GHCQ (the British „NSA“) had not only positive effects on the habits of web users. Recent statistic data show, that much less people are now  discussing in Internet Forums social and political topics.

In 11 Do’s and Don’ts of Tor Network HONGKIAT gives you the best advices to protect you against spying, misusing your data and helps to protect your privacy.

Finally I would like to add our own experiences with web-security and data-protection.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is installed on our routers (Hardware-VPN) and gives us a good protection on all connections between us and our friends and clients. There are no extra costs when you install it on your router. But do not forget before to check your manual or ask your provider how VPN can be installed on your device.

The other way to use VPN is a software solution. The apps can be installed on most stationary and mobile devices.

There are a more than a score of VPN-providers offering free or commercial products. It is  easy to find them by browsing in the web, looking for reviews.                                          Remark: compare not only prices and the number of servers, but check and be sure, that the app does automatically reconnect. Not everyone provides this important feature.

My last recommendation for secure anonymous web browsing

If you want to run VPN and TOR together and thus make your protection even better, then look at this tutorial:
Using both Tor and a VPN, because the combo installation be tricky, and even dangerous if done improperly.
If you have this done well you are protected with a double security layer.

I wish you an enjoyable read

Werner Ende at in June 2016

Disclaimer: The author of this article is neither a hardware nor a 
            software engineer or technician. He is a simple 
            web- user and can not give any specific technical advice.
            Therefore, it's strongly recommended to ask an expert if 
            you find hard to keep up.